A Boston-based alternative rock band, Jakals’ visceral, soul-aching vocals and simultaneously melodic and driving instrumentals create a uniquely tempestuous and powerful sound that rips open the confines of contemporary rock music. Jakals are unrestrained, exploring the internal turmoil that results from the harrowing experience of human existence. With dynamic songs as complex as the emotions and personal struggles they grapple with, Jakals have been praised for achieving “a perfect stride between the personal openness of singer/songwriters and the more fully realized trappings of a traditional rock ensemble” (Crossfader Magazine). 

Jakals released their debut album in May 2017. On Keep Mother Sane, Jakals question what it means to be sane in a society that doesn't seem to be sane itself. They lay bare a reality of hollow communication, strained interactions, profound loneliness, and an intense desire to be understood.